Janet Konkel
Janet Konkel

Age as of March 1, 2020: 66
Residence Location: Kersey, CO
Place of Operation: Kersey, CO

Business Experience: Farming operation financial management includes day to day financials as well as loan application and compliance preparation, financial planning, projections for crop production and tax documents for CPA. After 8 years as Weld County Fair Coordinator I retired in February 2019. As Coordinator managed financials: accounts receivable and payable, sponsorship funds, preparation of monthly financial reports for Fair Board and financial reports presented to Weld County Commissioners.

Education: Agricultural Business from Colorado State University

Current Boards: My term as Vice President of Colorado Association of Fairs and Shows ended November 2019.

Past Boards: Platte Valley FFA Foundation, RE-5J School Board, Thompson Rivers Parks and Recreation Board.

Strategic & Visionary Thinking: As a producer I think strategically about the decisions made each year for our operation keeping a keen eye on the benefits of each decision and action taken. Analysis of our operation is ongoing given the number of uncertainties we face with rising input costs, water allotments and commodity prices continually changing. We must be visionary in our thinking in order to modify our operation to control costs, maximize outputs and profits and choose to work with entities that support our success.

Corporate Governance: A practical sound governance system with solid policies is key to the effectiveness of an organization and the performance of a board. Board training enables members to become strong decision makers who carefully consider issues, ask questions and thoughtfully consider the best options. It is very important that board members are fiscally responsible, conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner while being respectful of others using the mission statement as a guide.

Financial Expertise: I use best accounting practices for our operation including timely payment of accounts due and accounts receivable, budgeting, projections for annual operation and frequent status reports. I provide financial information to our CPA for tax preparation and planning and work closely with our AAC loan officer for loan compliance and applications as needed. Accurate and timely financial management is paramount to the success of any business keeping close track allows for adjustments if needed.

Communication: I consider communication one of my strengths. Keeping open communication with those who provide services as well as those who purchase our products. All types of communication – written, phone calls, emails and face to face interaction – are vital to success so that all parties feel included and valued. As fair coordinator I facilitated and presented at state, regional and international conventions. Networking and sharing expertise makes us all better.

Technology: I am proficient in various office programs, Excel, Outlook and Quicken and have worked in Publisher. I use Quicken to manage our finances. I use email and cell phone daily. I like to learn new uses for the programs I am familiar with and learn to use new programs and applications. Technology is a great tool and provides a lot of information. We just need to figure out what information is most useful to us and sort out the information that is not useful.

Human Resource Management: I have experience interviewing, hiring, training and managing employees in my own businesses as well as in positions I have held with other entities. Once you find a great employee giving them the training they need, the responsibility they can handle and the support they need to succeed is important. The more you invest your time in their success the more success your business will have. Compliance with local, state and federal employment requirements must be maintained.

Risk Management: All phases of risk management – financial strategies including safeguards for your credit, repayment plans and viability; crop insurance and pest control; equipment repair, maintenance and operator training; structure repairs and appropriate use; insurance coverage for liability – need to be thoughtfully addressed. Working closely with experts in these areas can help guide you with best practices and help select the ones that work best for your operation.

Leadership: I have been appointed to serve on boards and committees for a variety of organizations. I have also been elected to serve on boards. Having been on both sides of boards – serving on them and working with them – I have developed leadership skills that are valuable to the entities I have served. Leadership means that you are willing to invest in training and education to be the best board member you can. Leadership means you do the right thing which is not always the easy thing.

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