Janet Konkel

Age as of March 1, 2019: 64
Residence Location: Kersey, CO
Place of Operation: Kersey, CO

Business Experience: Owned, operated family farm Responsible for financial and accounting 30 years. Owned and operated a Baskin Robbins franchise 10 years. Developed, owned and operated an irrigation pipe business 4 years. Yards Secretary at National Western Stock Show managing the accounting office during the event 8 years Weld County Fair Coordinator 7 years.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree: Agricultural Business from Colorado State University

Current Boards: Vice President of the Colorado Association of Fairs and Shows Board of Directors State organization that supports industry. Worked with the Weld County Fair Board and the Weld County Board of County Commissioners – 7 years.

Former boards: Platte Valley FFA Foundation – 4 years Manage funds to support the local chapter. RE-5J School Board – 4 years Operation of the school district. Thompson Rivers Parks and Recreation Board – 1 year Operation of the recreation district

Strategic & Visionary Thinking: The businesses I have owned required strategic and visionary thinking. My positions in the livestock show and fair industry required strategies and visionary thinking to constantly improve operation of the event. I developed mission and vision statements for the Weld County Fair. I attended annual conventions and attended learning opportunities. Our family farming operation demands strategic planning for crop rotation, water use, chemical application, harvesting and a vision for the future.

Corporate Governance: While my governance experience has not been specifically corporate the boards I served on had governance systems, policies, expectations and responsibilities. I feel strongly that it is the obligation of each board member to carefully consider issues and make well informed decisions. One must ask a lot of questions, have constructive debate, consider all points of view and arrive at a consensus even though you may not agree with the decision, you must support it.

Financial Expertise: Multiple credit hours in accounting and finance, financial practices training, Application of best accounting practices. Farming operation – accounts receivable, accounts payable, budgeting, projections for annually operations, securing loans for land and operating capital, taxes. Fair Coordinator, National Western Stock Show, Business Owner – accounts receivable, accounts payable, annual audit, sponsorship development, budgeting, accounting office sales, secured loans, payroll, and taxes.

Communication: Farming Operation – phone calls, letters, respond to emails, create reports. Fair Coordinator – Fair Board – schedule meetings, notify attendees, prepare agendas, provide needed documents, schedule presenters, follow through on decisions. Made presentations, facilitated workshops and round tables at state, regional and international conventions. Scheduled programming for joint state and regional convention I present to the Board of County Commissioners several times a year.

Technology: Technology and its applications in agriculture include precision farming for seed application rates, pivots monitoring water rates, field condition programs to identify nutrient application, livestock feeding monitoring consumption and rate of gain, animal health monitors in the dairy industry and many more. These advances have provided agriculturists with another tool to improve their operation. The farmer/rancher is still a vital component of every operation.

Human Resource Management: I have had experience in interviewing, hiring, training and managing employees in every venture I undertook and position I have held. In my own businesses as well as in positions I have held. I have worked closely with the human resources departments I have been affiliated with and have made sure to operate in compliance with local, state and federal requirements.

Risk Management: Accurate and timely income and expenses reports, estimating future income and expenses, safeguarding financial position, maintaining a positive credit position, backup plan for viability during financial challenges, repayment strategy. Communication with your lender and accountant. Vision and plan for the future of your operation. Maintenance of structures, equipment, vehicles and fencing. Adequate insurance coverage for structures, equipment, vehicles, fencing including liability.

Leadership: I have been elected or appointed to several of the boards and committees. Awarded the Fair Manager of the Year for Colorado in 2012 and the Fair Manager of the Year for the region (12 western states and 2 Canadian Provinces) in 2016. Made presentations, facilitated workshops and round tables and served on panels at state, regional and international conventions periodically since 2012.

Candidate Statement: It is my desire to serve on the American AgCredit Board of Directors to use my considerable experience to contribute to the organization by supporting reaching its stated goals and help move it forward to meet the needs of the borrowers as agriculture changes. I have a lot of experience serving on boards; Recreation District Board, School Board, FFA Foundation Board. I have worked with boards in my positions at National Western Stock Show and as Weld County Fair Coordinator. I have had the opportunity to serve on many committees affiliated with these boards – on a state, regional and international level. I have attended many conventions and workshops on boardsmanship through state, regional and international organizations. Having been on both sides of boards – serving on and working with – I have had opportunities to learn how to be an effective board member and helped others develop into effective board members. Serving on a board requires an understanding of the duties, responsibilities, obligations and limitations associated with the position. Through my experiences I have been able to contribute to the growth of the entities I have worked with. I feel that board members are ambassadors for the organization by representing and promoting the organization and educating the public about the organization.

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