Tom Cannon

Age as of March 1, 2019: 49
Residence Location: Blackwell, OK
Place of Operation: Blackwell, OK

Business Experience: I am the 4th generation owner of Goodson Ranch Limited Partnership. When I was in college my father had a severe accident. I dropped out of school. During my dad’s recovery we learned that he also had leukemia. A year later when his cancer went into remission, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I was thrown into a fire, and a failing business. I was young, had a fresh perspective and understood change was needed. I found the change needed and embraced it. The Lord and I turned the company around.

Education: Associates Degree, Animal Science / Agronomy

Current Boards: First Christian Church: Deacon and Youth Leader – Training the next generation to find God’s will in their life and know they are designed perfectly for that calling. This is the first of many business boards to which I have said “yes, I will do it.” I have been on a few boards locally and some county boards also. I have spent the last 20 years devoted to my wife, 4 children, and the Goodson Ranch. My family and I are now ready for me to serve.

Strategic & Visionary Thinking: It is sad that we tend to wait on an emergency to innovate. I knew No-Till was our critical first step toward rescuing the Goodson Ranch. Regenerating our soils quickly followed. Speaking at the Oklahoma Governor’s Water Conference as the only producer in a sea of officials and politicians. I was surprised, by how inclusive and supportive they were. Water and climate change are the most conflicting issues agriculture & community will face. Regenerative agricultural practices could be the answer.

Corporate Governance: I believe in checks and balances. We all need someone to hold us accountable.

Financial Expertise: Goodson Ranch Limited Partnership is a highly diversified, multi-million-dollar business. We have many enterprises that are individually evaluated quarterly. Cow/calf, verified grass finished beef, stocker cattle, cotton, wheat, corn, soybeans, and at least 10 other annual blends which we graze. I also manage Goodson Ranch Minerals (a family-owned business), and a growing trucking business.

Communication: Public Speaking – National No-Till on the Plains twice, National Quail & Pheasants Forever Convention, Oklahoma Governors Water Conference, Many local conferences and speaking engagements.

Technology: Satellite Image Maps, Variable Rate Technology, Irrigation scheduling, Soil moisture sensors, and of course my iPhone.

Human Resource Management:

My Goals for 7 full time employees and many part-timers:

1) Lead them to Christian Salvation and subsequent walk

2) Encourage personal grown individually and relationships.

3) To know they are loved.

4) For them to find their calling. To know they are created perfectly for that calling and enable them to pursue it. (Hopefully within our business but, maybe not)

When they know how much I care, then they will represent the “brand” with pride and dedicate themselves to it.

Risk Management: This may sound strange from a farmer that never earned a formal degree, but I believe risk is tempered through education. I spend an average of about two hours a day on continuing education. We do research every year and keep extensive records. From crops to cattle we have protection on price & production. With new ventures we start small but scale up quickly with new opportunity. As a highly diversified operation we have, for over 20 years been ready for change, and are quick to embrace it.

Leadership: My dad, Larry Cannon, is my hero and was a great leader. He showed me how to put others first, and walk with character. This makes leadership natural. A simple plan that served him well and continues to serve me well. Leadership is one of my gifts of the Spirit, so when called to a just cause, I’m all in.

Candidate Statement: I am a farmer and rancher. Today’s farmers and ranchers live and do business in a fast paced, narrow margin, and competitive world. This can be scary. I, more often than I like, receive calls from agricultural producers that are failing and have lost hope. Fearful times can destroy hope. I have been there.

Over the last 22 years, with tons of help I have developed an evolving system that brings back hope to the farming community. Regenerating our soils is central to this farming revolution. Healthy Soil= Healthy plants= Healthy food = Healthy People = Healthy Finance = Healthy Community.

The small hobby farms, small family farms, large wide scale family farms, and corporate farms all have the living soil as a common thread. Without healthy soil producers will fail. American AgCredit needs to be a leader in conservation and promote regenerative Agriculture. “The soil is the great connector of lives, the source and destination of all. It is the healer and restorer and ressurector, by which disease passes into health, age into youth, death into life. Without proper care for it we can have no community, because without proper care for it we can have no life.” Wendell Berry.

Our nation’s water problems can be solved but we need better management without offending producers. I firmly believe without improving management of our soils with proven conservation methods, the disconnect between producers (2%) and consumers (98%) will get worse. Shari Cannon says, “We that have the ability to communicate and bridge the divide from the Ag community to the non-farming community, and we must prevail.” This is a two-way street, we must also listen to the concerns of the general public and cooperate. Farmers and Ranchers are my people. I love them and I love the land. I am so excited and looking forward to working with the American AgCredit board.

This Director candidate educational material was submitted by the candidate and the information is for educational purposes only.