Dennis Lutgen

Age as of March 1, 2019: 59
Residence Location: Beloit, KS
Place of Operation: Beloit, KS

Business Experience: My business experience includes 30+ years owning and operating a regional seed company with partners. The successful business was sold to a publicly traded company, Gladstone Investment, in 2013. I am currently self-employed. I commercially produce specialty native grass seed and wildflowers in Kansas, along with owning and managing commercial real estate.

Education: Bachelors – Business

Current Boards: 

Quality Enterprise of Kansas Inc. – real estate development

Westwind Plaza Inc – real estate development

Klema Plaza Inc. – real estate development

Cornerstone Charitable Foundation – support church funding activities

Strategic & Visionary Thinking: I am continually searching for new ideas and innovations. The manner and method in which customers are wanting service and product is constantly changing. Business must adapt to these needs. Directors and management must be forward thinking to identify these trends in order to sustain consistent growth.

Corporate Governance: Policies and procedures are necessary for management, as well as for the Board of Directors, to operate in a fiscal, ethical, and efficient manner. I would be glad to learn the protocol already established by American AgCredit.

Financial Expertise:  Owning a business for many years required hands-on experience working with financial institutions. One of my best financial experiences is borrowing funds for operational capital and long-term investments, creating cash flow, and successfully repaying debt ahead of schedule.

Communication: As an owner of a successful business that grew significantly over a period of 30 + years, I regularly traveled searching for new business. Communication through sales calls and constantly meeting new people allowed me to advance these skills.

Technology: Today’s technology is changing at a rapid pace. I am always interested and searching for ways to incorporate new technology for communication, management, and for day-to-day operations.

Human Resource Management: In order for a business to be successful, hiring and retaining qualified, motivated employees is essential. Employees must have the latitude to grow with the business by making their own decisions that complement the overall objective of the company.

Risk Management: One must always look at managing risk. Whether it is assessing financial or crop risks, one must always look at the tools and opportunities that are available and use the ones that are prudent and deemed to be effective in a particular situation.

Leadership: Leadership is about management agreeing on a goal and then moving forward, allowing managers and employees to achieve their goal by providing them the necessary tools to succeed.

Candidate Statement:  This organization has impressed me since I applied and received my first loan from American AgCredit. It is a top-notch organization, and I would like to be a member of the Board of Directors to continue the success of the company.

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