Five seats are open in the Mountain Plains Region.

Jim Cooksey – Roggen, CO

We raise wheat, corn, milo, millet, beans, alfalfa, pumpkins, watermelon, and hemp. We also sell certified seed wheat. We also run a cow calf operation where we sell club calves.

Harry Jackson – Palisade, CO

My current role is president and manager of Vineland Enterprises Inc. The corporation oversees or raises wine grapes, peaches, nectarines and cherries. I have been in this role since 1979.

Andrea Kinnison – Grover, CO

My father, husband and I operate a cow/calf operation, back-grounding feedlot, as well as a dry land organic farm. I am involved in the day to day operations and decision making as well as managing the financial planning and accounting for all of the various entities within the operation. My college-aged children are also involved in the day to day operations and have their own small cow/calf operations. We believe in working together as a family; while also growing and maintaining our operation so as to remain sustainable for generations to come. American AgCredit has undoubtedly been an integral business partner in our generational operation.

Dennis Koolstra – Cope, CO

Dairy Producer, milking 2,600, 1600 acres irrigated farm ground. President of corporation. 27 years of Business experience.

Dulcie Owen – Pierce, CO

I have been in agriculture alongside my husband for 27 years. I play a huge part with-in our whole operation. I help run equipment from bale processor to round baler. And feeding cattle either by fork or with bale processor. I am gopher during summer (go for this part or go for that part). Answer calls about what type of grasses would work well for the type of soil someone may have. We have a lot of custom mowing and putting up around 800-1000 acres of grass every summer. Haul cattle for others that may not have a trailer to do so. I repair bobbed-wire fence when needed.