Five seats are open in the Mountain Plains Region.

Gerald Graybill – Keenesburg, CO
I really appreciate the help American AgCredit gave us as we pursued our dream of starting our own farm. I also appreciate that AgCredit is a critical part of the American agricultural industry and is willing to not only help the large operations but support and grow the small operators. It is for these reasons that I would like to give back to AgCredit and help put the best people in place to continue this mission.

Harry Jackson – Palisade, CO
As a member of the Nominating Committee for the last 3 years I believe that I can provide experience. Currently I am the regional coordinator for the committee. Being on the committee I have realized how important the position is to American AgCredit.

Andrea Kinnison – Grover, CO
I am currently serving my first term on the Nominating Committee and it has been a wonderful experience.To have a glimpse inside the financial institution that is not only run by genuine, common sense people, but also network with other owner/operators across the country has been an experience beyond my expectations. However that is just a side note. I want to continue to be a part of the Nominating Committee because I feel it is so important to support our partner, the bank, in selecting potential directors that align with the core values of what makes American Agriculture–Honesty, Ingenuity, Hard Work, Family, Stewardship of the Land and Livestock. Finding potential board members who still operate on a hand shake, have a creative problem solving mentality, and support agriculturists with operations at all stages and sizes from beginning to established is so important to me as a Nominating Committee member.

Dulcie Owen – Pierce, CO
I feel I would be a great asset to the Nominating Committee. I would like the opportunity to use my knowledge and experience on another level. When I received the card in mail, I knew it was my calling. I want to help our agriculture communities in any way I am able. I am creative and innovative. I have a positive attitude and have a great desire to fulfill this position to the best of my ability. I am open-minded and feel you learn the most by listening and communicating. Which in turn, progress is accomplished. I am looking forward to this opportunity and would be honored to be a part of the process.

Conor Waldron – Keenesburg, CO
I’d like to be part of the Nominating Committee because I believe it is important to begin getting the younger generation involved in all aspects of agriculture. I believe this would be an excellent opportunity to further my involvement in the agricultural industry and to meet other people who are passionate about this as well. Along with getting involved, I believe it would be good to have a younger voice involved in the selection process of board members.