Four seats are open in the Heartland Region.

Mike Bellar – Howard, KS
I would like to have an active role in the group of American AgCredit borrowers that help select the individuals that will shape and develop strong leaders for the board. From my past experiences, it seems many agriculture boards are working towards acquiring professional board members that most would consider to be hobby farmers. If elected, I would push for directors that are more involved in the day to day business of actual production agriculture or people heavily involved in agriculture. They are the most likely to understand the needs of our borrowers which will only make us a stronger association.

Teresa Bergkamp – Cheney, KS
Our operation would not exist without the financing available through American AgCredit, and I am sure that is true of many farm entities. I want to ensure that qualified, trustworthy directors continue to be in place to guide this association through the good and bad years of the farm economy so that we have a strong financial institution that will be here 50+ years from now for future generations. I think I have a varied background that will enable me to help find those individuals and assess their qualifications and integrity. I want to ensure that directors will represent the average farmer, not just the large operators, and enable the younger generation to get established to have a continuation of family farms.

Greg Brenneman – Solomon, KS
I believe it is my responsibility to give back to agriculture as a producer. American AgCredit is a diverse board that administers the Farm Credit system to its stockholders. As a member of the Nominating Committee, I believe it is our task to find candidates for both Board of Directors and Nominating Committee that share the passion and vision for the continued success of this cooperative.

Carolyn Dunn – St John, KS
I have been a member of the nominating committee two years and through that experience have gained a greater understanding of the organization, its operations, and its people. I see a company culture that is both forward thinking and grounded, which I admire. I am willing to play a role in identifying strong candidates to continue leading the organization forward.

Dale E. Maneth –Olmitz, KS
I would like to be considered to be on the nominating committee because I would enjoy helping surface individuals who have the character and experience to lead a progressive lending operation. I believe having the input in who is offered up to the stockholders to lead American AgCredit fills a personal need to give back to my industry. Since graduating from Kansas State University in 1990, I draw on 28 years of life experiences in agriculture both working directly on the farm and ranch and working for the state’s largest farm organization. As a producer with off farm employment, my perspective should add value to this nominating committee. The time required to travel southwest and south central Kansas has been rewarding in meeting many producers of different size and type of operations. I believe a relationship between American AgCredit and myself will be beneficial to both them and me. At this mid-point in my life, I am looking to fulfill a desire to serve other stockholders.

Arlyn Nightingale – Galva, KS
I believe it would broaden my view of agriculture and the many different opportunities available. I also try to take a broad view of any situation and try to prepare for the future without forgetting the present.

Craig Poore – Alton, KS
Being a part of a committee, takes it back to the grass roots. It shows that American Ag Credit is focused on their stockholders interests. By serving on the committee, it allows me the opportunity to assist in the leadership for the company that has been the bedrock in my farming operation. Currently serving in my second year, American Ag Credit has helped sharpen my knowledge on the organization, employees, and business that the farm is invested.

James W. Rundus – Coldwater, KS
I have been a Farm Credit member since about 1980 when I started farming and would like an opportunity to give back to the organization and an opportunity to have some input.