Four seats are open in the Heartland Region.

Robert Atkisson – Stockton, KS

I have a general farm operation. We raise wheat, grain sorghum, and several different forages in a rotation. We also have both spring and fall calving herds where we try to maintain ownership of the calves until they are ready for the feedlot. I am the general manager of this operation along with my son. I have had this role for close to fifty years.

Greg Brenneman – Solomon, KS

Diversified farming/ranching operation raising corn, soybeans, wheat, grain sorghum, oats, cow/calf.

Teresa Bergkamp – Cheney, KS

My husband and I produce dryland and irrigated crops, along with our son who has joined our operation. My role is primarily administrative and financial in nature, but I am still called upon to operate a tractor or truck as needed. When I first graduated from college, I worked as a Human Resources Manager for 5 years in a company with approx. 200 employees and was responsible for recruitment, compensation & benefits administration.

Jim Cooprider – McPherson, KS

Dryland and Irrigated. Stocker-Grazer Operation. Decisions pertaining to marketing and banking in the everyday business.

Ty Feldkamp – Lincoln, KS

I have been a managing partner of Lone Rock Ranch for 10 years where we raise beef cattle and grow wheat, milo, alfalfa, and oat hay. I spend most of my time managing the cow herd, performing machinery repairs, and sourcing inputs for the operation.

Dennis Swayze   – Coldwater, KS

I am the owner/operator of a dry-land farming operation combined with a cow/calf ranch. This is a family farm operated in conjunction with my two sons. We farm about 1,200 acres of wheat, milo, and feed for haying. We run 650 cow/calf pairs. We usually sell half of the calves in the fall and retain ownership on the rest until spring.