Four seats are open in the Great Plains Region.

James Crotinger – Tribune, KS
I have hired superintendents of schools. As member of CHS board have hired 2 managers. As operator of my farm have hired and trained many young men. Many which later have been hired for executive positions. I have the time to work on this. I want to be a part of selecting qualified individuals to lead American AgCredit.

Chandler Cupp – Scott City, KS
As a borrower, former employee and board member of Farm Credit, the insight that I’ve gained seeing the organization from the inside out is unique. It would be an honor to be involve again. Thank you for your consideration.

Randy Hayzlett – Lakin, KS
Having served on the nominating committee off and on for several years I understand the importance and the need to select good candidates for the board of director positions. Potential candidates need to have sound judgement and strong work ethics in their own business in order to make decisions for American AgCredit that will project the business well into the future. Serving on the numerous boards and committees that I am involved with I interact with many individuals and by doing so it helps me judge the character and personalities of people when I visit with them. I feel this is a benefit during potential candidate interviews and final selections for names to be on a ballot. American AgCredit is a progressive and strong lending institution and I would be honored to be a part of the nominating committee that works to select qualified candidates.

Trista Brown Priest – Satanta, KS
One of my long-term goals is being an advocate for Southwest Kansas, and rural life in general. Without passionate community (and business) members being involved rural areas cannot survive. I admire American AgCredit for its dedication to our people and my goal and would love to be a part of it. I also provide experience that is invaluable in a nominating committee as I have performed hundreds of interviews and enjoy placing the correct people in the correct place of a team.

Nikki Schwerdfeger – Coolidge, KS
In 2012, the US Ag Census reported that nationally, 30% of the farmers were women with the average age of women principal operators at 60.1 years. With today’s social trends it is most likely that that percent has increased and possibly the average age. Some of these women may not have come to farming by choice and many will be in need of special financial and advisory needs. I believe as an older, widowed farm wife who, some 12 years ago, was thrown into farming “against my will” I have a prospective that many others do not. The knowledge gained from my “test of fire” and many struggles to keep my family farm alive should not go to waste and I would like to begin the journey to the Board of a leader in the Agriculture as is American AgCredit. Because all journeys come with a learning curve, becoming a member of the Nominating Committee would be an excellent place to gain the knowledge I will need to become a good spokesman for American AgCredit and good leader.

Robert Tempel – Garden City, KS
I have enjoyed being on the nominating committee for the past year. I have a passion for agriculture and the wonderful people, families who have been blessed to work in this industry. Getting to see the different aspects of agriculture the bank loans to was an eye opener. The loan diversity looks to be a good strategy for the banks long term success. I would like to remain on the committee to broaden my horizons on how agriculture works in other areas of the country. This experience has given me a better understanding of the organization and the team members who run the operation. Meeting new people and learning from their experiences in different sides of agriculture will allow me to promote agriculture to others outside of our industry. It also allows me to be more innovative in our own business. I would appreciate your consideration to be on this committee.